Interactive Art Symposia in Maui Hawaii
SOURCE 2014 ☆ Maui Regional Burn

Day Passes Available At The Gate

Day passes are available only at the gate for $100 per day.

Full Festival passes are available at the gate for $270.

Keep in mind, once the festival sells out, there will be no passes available at the gate! We highly recommend you purchase a weekend pass, even if you can attend only 2-3 days, it is still the best deal. CLICK NOW to ensure your entry into SOURCE

Come early to experience all SOURCE has to offer!

A Day Pass is valid for up to 24 hours, beginning at 9am on the day you arrive and valid until 9am the next morning. Even if you arrive late at night, you must leave by 9am the following day. Breakfast is not included. You can camp. Ask about the Day Pass camping area at the gate.

Each day pass has a different color band and security will be watching for proper day pass colors. Security will be heavily enforcing day pass bands. Please leave when required to avoid penalty.

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  1. I’m thinking of driving in Sunday morning. Are gate passes still available, and if I do, can I stay until Monday morning.

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