Interactive Art Symposia in Maui Hawaii
SOURCE 2014 ☆ Maui Regional Burn

Mahalo to EVERYONE who was a part of the most Amazing SOURCE of all Time

Thanks goes out from all of us to all of you and from all of you to all of us. It’s truly phenomenal what we can pull off when we all do our best to express and share our gifts, hard work and love. You all did a great job on every aspect of the festival. Each year, we find that as the gathering gets deeper, the commitment to show up for gate shifts and kitchen shifts and clean up and strike get a little more challenging– it’s just a reflection of how immersed we are in our experience if growth, education, transformation and downright good ole’ fun.

SOURCE finishers

And while we all put out what we can to the greatest of our ability, there are an unsung mighty few who complete our obligation to our hosts to be sure we leave the condition of the amazing location better than we found it. Not all of them are in this picture taken on the last day of the last clean (oh goodness I hope), but the numbers are not many more than you see here– and we want to bow down in awe and gratitude for your pulling through to the very very end to make Keanae Shine.

Not going to name the names as some very mighty finishers are pictured here, but others were away driving trucks and mopping and moving and doing all the little bits that are so very necessary and weren’t in the picture. So Thank you to the Behind the Scenes SOURCERs, the Finishers who are artists themselves and make it possible for us to return again next year.

SOURCE Imaganiarium is behind us. The memories last a lifetime. Alot of the digital artists and disc jockeys get much of the spotlight for engaging us artistically and musically, but it would never happen without the folks like those in the picture above. If you’d like to send out a personal shout-out yourself to someone you know was an unsung hero in pulling off this festival, feel free to make a comment below.

Everyone plays an important role! We are a gift economy and we are proud of it. Thank you thank you thank you to all.

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  1. From me personally I’d like to thank my long time friend and hero Ben Holt for pushing through dark tunnels at times over the 7 years we’ve been working to make SOURCE happen– I’d like to thank Chris and the other guy that stayed in the mud til the bitter bitter end of an even muddier SOURCE 5 Circus of Dreams– I’m thankful to my boy B Ax who I now continue to learn from as a leader–

    I’d like to thank Scott Provonsha who has always pulled his own gear out for the strike, and often ends up covering my ass.. and this year as well he and Casey and Robert for pulling down the Colorbox… Lokahi and Gangsta Bubbles, Amina and Ray Griswold… all the people I didn’t even know who pulled up my carport… and then of course there is General Squirrel who shines through her extended family, blood, sweat and love for seeming to have more dedication and energy than I can imagine.

    As I left Tuesday morning with not even all my gear removed from the festival, but my truck loaded, my neck brace back on and me hesitantly telling her, “this is all I got, I am laid out, done, sick, exhausted, I’m going home”– she said with the sweetest tone– “do you need someone to drive you?”… and that was before she stayed for ten more days to make it clean. (oh and Donald and M thanks for taking the truck over the following week)… and of course, I gotta say it– Thanks to Mom who let my exhausted prickliness role right off her back when I arrived back in the healing zone in Paia and to Dad who quickly offered to return the next day with me to help clean. to which I replied, wake me in 48 hours. THANKS you all! I don’t know how we pull it off every year, but wow, all I have heard from people is this was the best SOURCE yet. FRANKLIN videos are coming soon- seeking more MUSEarium shots! Thanks for the work and thanks for the LOVE.

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