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SOURCE 2014 ☆ Maui Regional Burn

MUSEarium at SOURCE: Incubating Art=Mixx March 30th

231071_10151700801228998_1646317587_nIt was a great year for the arts at SOURCE. Intentions of multi-collaborative, interactive, include-YOU-in-the-art creations, manifested.

If you missed it or want more, a number of the SOURCE art pieces that premiered this year will be installed on March 30th at Art=Mixx at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. SOURCE artists are leading the main stage at Art-Mixx. This free event attracts over 1,200 people, and is expecting as many as 2,000 in March.

As an incubator for the arts in 2013 with the theme “Imaginarium,” SOURCE asked its network of digital interactive artists to create an Exploratorium type experience to be called the MUSEarium.


Photo Credit: Matt Lane

The basketball court was completely transformed into what was dubbed MUSEarium. In addition to the painting and sculpture gallery of previous years, over a half dozen creatives from Hawaii and the west coast brought cutting edge projects and collaborated in the spirit of SOURCE as an incubator for the arts. New ideas were launched, your art got stuck in my peanut butter, and the result was a magical IMAGINARIUM experience!


The intention of MUSEarium was to give participants control of the visual & sound experience and could include imagery of their bodies and faces. This type of art is leading the west coast festival interactive arts movement.  SOURCE maintains its position as a core incubator to put participants in the drivers seat of the art.

131849_623175634366365_1817508699_oOne popular installation was the collaboration between Casey Scalf (Bellingham, WA) and Scott Provonsha (Maui) that resulted in the “Feedback Sandbox.” Participants were able to brush white sand over a 3 foot subwoofer sandbox finding a seemingly alive digital projection feeding off movements of sand. The moment of creation was beautiful. It was Wednesday night before the festival opened. Scott brought in his audio sandbox, which generates patterns based on sound waves, when he discovered that the required frequency over the necessary time period was an obnoxious noise. Casey had received an art grant to create a video feedback wall. The effect created is really well shown in that Sensebellum video above.

Another favorite was Tim Thompson’s Space Palette. Tim is a leading Kinect interactive art developer living in San jose and an 11 year Burner. His Space Palette is awesome and is featured in the video at the top of this post.

Congratulations to everyone. Credits coming soon.

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