Interactive Art Symposia in Maui Hawaii
SOURCE 2014 ☆ Maui Regional Burn

Top 100 Favorite Moments and Quotes from SOURCE 2013 “Imaginarium”

source-mavis-effigyThis is a SOURCE tradition– this is OUR festival, yours, mine, yes all of ours. Share a SPECIFIC story or MOMENT that made this year’s SOURCE the most memorable of all time! Share your favorite Quote you over heard! Sure you can say that “awesome DJ set in the Vaderdome” or the “educational talk in the MUSEarium” but even better is be really specific like… well… YOU go… get it started– let’s get 100!

  1. the cannon. definately the cannon. shelling the field in the afternoon. an epic game of fetch with humans. doing the unsafe surrounded by a field of orange. thanks for the cannon!

  2. There was a moment Sunday night – the Vader dome was going off, finally with two DJs to allow switching between channels. It was the night when all of those that had thus far worked tirelessly could finally let their hair down: security, ops, etc. The culmination of all the joy, all the beauty, talent, and creativity from the preceding days passed a threshold in that moment, and I was completely filled with awe of all of it – of us. It is not some other, it is we that make this thing. Maui is a special place for many reasons. It has a strange gravity to beauty and talent and creative energy. Source is a distillation of that phenomena, and Sunday night outside the Vader dome I witnessed that phenomena in a very pure form.

  3. My vote for best effort in a human form to make rainbows out of every thing goes to Gabe Mott Colors.

  4. I got sick and was stuck in the mud.
    Then I heard this voice break through the crowd of people staring at me. She put her hand on my back and rubbed my head and neck. At one point she wrapped her arms around me when I was shivering and gave me a hoodie to wear. She hugged me until I could sit up and then wiped the mud out of my eyes, my nose and my mouth! She actually held a napkin while I blew snot and mud out! . Another angel came bringing water which she poured into my mouth. The strangers picked me up and took me to the shower to clean off. Gave me towel and clothes. . I don’t know their names or even if they are real.The first girl had one long dreadlock down to her butt with shells and crystals in it and long light brown/blond hair. She said the nicest things anyones said. Her friend had redish hair to her shoulders and belly dancing clothes on. Both looked like Angels. The last guy who have me a shirt was a stranger named Joey. Young guy. All of them strangers that gave up their night to help a complete stranger. I have never been treated with so much kindness and love. If anyone knows these 3 people please thank them for me. They helped restore my faith in humanity. I hope I can pay back the favor some day. Great source and music and art but the people changed my life.

  5. AlohaHugging new friends!

    xo maui ohana.

  6. I was wearing a nice clean dry pink sexy bikini outfit for the classic rock power hour when all of a sudden my good friend Trevor of “Face” as many of you know him comes out of now where.. puts mud on his face as if in warrior preparation.. takes a bunch of mud wipes it on my face and chest and precedes to tackle me to the ground in the fresh mud. There I am my dreams of a clean classic rock power hour gone down the drain..If it was anyone else but Trevor I would have murdered them with my Scorpioness but i surrendered and fully embraced the mud and the slip n slide… it was the best muddy hour of my life at

  7. Highlights: Teaching a School of Source workshop in Kidlandia on how to make happy hair falls; Helping Laura with her first pair of pasties; Giggling for 4 hours with my sweetie. Thanks, SOURCE!

  8. There I am, stumbling into my bunk around sundown for supplies to find Mama Crow and Kiran practicing for their set. Little did I know they were brewing up what will be the next STUCK-IN-YOUR-HEAD-for-a-YEAR-cuz-it’s-SOOOO-AWESOME-SONG and i’m getting sucked into the magic of discovering this mega underground future festival hit (like the kind of song you wanna hear again right now forever carrying lulabyes and womps to heart and head)–

    so i’m snuggling up next to these brand new uber talented new friends getting taken in and about to get blown away as they played it three hours later in the Circus Tent and ….
    and of all people, my home girl Maesyn Musing gets in there on her violin (AND this is all happening live now) singing harmonies on the mic… and that was all MAGICAL ENOUGH WHEN OUT OF NOWHERE Ryan Wink and the other MC with the rocking DORK glasses steps up and now all 5 of them are rocking the CIRCUS TENT in pure collaboration showing SOURCE in all it’s incubating of the arts magic and making me dance and smile from here to the MUSEarium.

    this to me is what SOURCE is all about– your art is stuck in my peanut butter. we are collaborating reaching bravely to new heights and sounds and aesthetics we didn’t know possible. and the audience is the participant and the crowd is the music and the art is just mud seeking expression through toe jam.

  9. From medic Emil- “We’ll put you on the massage table overlooking the festival, I’ve probably got about an hour or more to spare.”

    ….not gonna argue with that! Best broken ankle EVER.

  10. DJ Plush from the Womb Room, Fantastic Mixing best regards from his old students!

  11. “Mud Schmud”

    Jason King

  12. ” hey! come here, let me smell your mouth!”

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